5 tips to create actions with influencers

From the PR & Social department we frequently work for the public of influencers, but really all actions with influencers are not effective, so how to recognize an effective campaign for this public? What are our 5 keys to generate good actions with influencers?

1. Choose the right profile carefully:

Choosing the best person to represent a brand is undoubtedly the biggest challenge of this type of marketing strategy. Therefore, an influencer should not be chosen just for its popularity, it is really more important to consider the level of affinity it has with its community and if this is the target the brand wants to target. The importance of uninfluencer varies depending on the objectives and context of the brand.

2. Analyze and meet your influencers:

How is each profile with which we will collaborate? What interests do they have? It is vital to interact with influencers in a personal and appropriate way. At Pajarraco we believe that people are much more than followers and avatars and we must make them feel valid, safe and part of the project: this will ensure that we get better and better content.


3. Build a relationship with your followers:

Bidirectionality is a fantastic advantage that we have with social networks: chats, much closer than email are a clear example. However, the use of hashtags is currently one of the most viral tools that exist: therefore, generating a hashtag per action or campaign generates a community that is pending this specific action, giving value to users and empowering them to want to continue interacting with the brand.

4. Create an exclusive space:

Creating an event that generates a meeting space, where being able to speak with the brand in first person, consult their doubts and concerns and generate a link is a perfect action for the chosen influencers to generate their content. Sometimes these meetings can be held in real physical spaces, like the one we generated this week with our client Caja de Lola. We summon influencers from the world of parenting, each specialized in one area, and we talk about toys without gender stereotypes. An opportunity to publicize our client’s products by providing them with content.

5. Analyze the content after each action:

How many mentions have there been? How many interactions? How much new content? They are vital data that we must obtain, which allow us to obtain insights on how our product / brand is perceived and value to continue creating strategies.

Do you want your brand to take flight thanks to an action of this type? Call us, we are waiting for you in our nest;)


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